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From the Editor of the Desert Bighorn Council Transactions:


Any manuscript addressing the ecology, biology, management, and conservation of desert bighorn sheep, even if not presented at the Desert Bighorn Council Meeting, may be submitted for publication in the Transactions. The Desert Bighorn Council Transactions are published once every two years, with the published document distributed in years between meetings. The every-other-year format will provide the printer, reviewers, authors, and the editor with sufficient time to provide quality manuscripts providing that time lines are followed.

My role as editor is to assist authors with improving their final manuscripts by soliciting high quality peer-reviews. State reports and abstracts from meetings will still be included in the transactions by will be peer-edited for grammar rather than peer-reviewed for content. Authors of manuscripts for Desert Bighorn Council Transactions should use the format described in the guidelines formally used by the Wildlife Society Bulletin (available from me on request). I would also like short descriptions about the authors and their background to accompany the papers once accepted. A link to submission guidelines is below.

The 2019 Transactions will use the following timeline:

Submission deadline: September 30, 2019. I will then solicit two independent reviews for each manuscript.  Authors may suggest reviewers for their manuscript.

Reviews from reviewers due back to editor on November 30, 2019. I will compile the reviews and provide suggestions to the authors on how to proceed.

Manuscript revision by authors, if requested,  is due back to the editor January 15, 2020.  Authors previously submitting a hardcopy manuscript  will need to submit an electronic version of their manuscript at this time .

Typesetting and production: February 1, 2018. Page proofs to authors: February 28, 2020. Proofs back to editor: March 15, 2020.  Distribution: April 2020.

The opportunity for final page proof reviews by authors is only possible if these submission deadlines are followed closely. I hope that this will assist authors in understanding the information flow and timelines under which the Transactions will operate.

For more information, please email Jimmy Cain at

Instructions for Contributions to the Desert Bighorn Council Transactions
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