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Desert Bighorn Research Funding                                     Funding provided by the dbc memorial Scholarship 



This DBC Memorial Scholarship (Charles Hansen, Ralph Welles, Robert Campbell, and Dick Weaver) provides funding for projects that benefit desert bighorn sheep or their habitat. Although graduate students will receive preference in the selection of applicants, any person is eligible to apply.  


Please contact Regina Vu ( if you have items related to bighorn sheep (or other wildlife) that you would like to donate.  Items to consider are books, artwork, jewelry, clothes, field equipment, or any similar item that may be of interest to the membership.




Any organization or person submitting a project or program proposal shall be an active member of the Desert Bighorn Council, or shall be sponsored in writing by a current member of the Desert Bighorn Council.

Proposed projects or programs must be for the benefit of desert bighorn sheep or desert bighorn sheep habitat.

Although any person is eligible to apply for this scholarship, graduate students will receive preference in our selection of applicants. Graduate students must be accepted as an advanced degree candidate at an accredited college or university and have an advisor in an appropriate department (i.e. Wildlife Management, Science, Zoology, or closely related field).

Submission Guidelines

Must have demonstrated desert bighorn experience or be supervised by an individual with such experience.

Must submit:

a) An acceptable research project outline, Including:

1. in-depth literature review,
2. clearly stated objectives,
3. comprehensive research methods,
4. time frame for all work,
5. resume of appropriate experience
6. written approval from appropriate state / federal agency
7. complete budget

b) A brief critique of the applicant and proposed project from the student's major professor (for student applicants) or from a current member of the DBC (for non-student applicants).

The completed application packet must be postmarked by no later than March 15 (during meeting years), and submitted to the Technical Staff Chair at the following address:


            Pat Cummings, Chair

            Nevada Department of Wildlife (retired)

5309 Palm Leaf Ct.

Las Vegas, NV. 89131

Phone: (702) 286-6437



Proposals will be screened by the Technical Staff of the Desert Bighorn Council and announced the following April. Awards will be announced to the membership at the business meeting during the biennial DBC meeting (held in April of every odd-numbered year) or via the DBC newsletter and website during non-meeting years.

Recipients must sign a contractual agreement with the Desert Bighorn Council stating that results of the research project will either be published in a refereed journal and/or presented at the Desert Bighorn Council meeting for inclusion in the Transactions within a 5-year period following receipt of funds from the Hansen-Welles Scholarship. Acceptability of the publication will be determined by the Technical Staff of the Desert Bighorn Council

Upon completion of the project or program, a complete accounting of the funds expended will be forwarded to the Technical Staff of the Desert Bighorn Council. None of the funds awarded are to be used for administrative purposes by the sponsoring college, university or agency, or for travel to meetings with the exception that the budget may include funds for travel to a DBC meeting for presentation of the funded project.

Suggested Research Proposal Outline

1. TITLE: A concise, clear, and specific description of the proposed research.

2. APPLICANT: Name, address, and telephone number of applicant plus signatures of pertinent people; i.e. advisor, sponsor.

3. TIME PERIOD: Proposed initiation and completion dates for the project.

4. OBJECTIVES: A clear, concise, and complete presentation of primary research objectives.

5. INTRODUCTION: An in-depth presentation of the research, including an extensive review of the pertinent literature.

6. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: A statement of working plans, methods to be used, or experimental design.

7. JUSTIFICATION: A description or statement as to the importance for the proposed research, and qualifications of the principal investigator(s) to undertake the project. Include what would be lost if the project is not funded.

8. FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT: A list of facilities and / or equipment needed and available.

9. BUDGET: Historically, projects have been awarded for up to $5000 each year. Funds for travel to a future DBC meeting for the purpose of presenting the completed project may be included in the budget.

10. PERSONNEL: A list of qualified persons assisting or supporting the applicant.

11. PUBLICATION: Potential journals or other publications in which anticipated results from the proposed research might be published.

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